02/04/12 12:13 AM

Five Minute Friday: REAL

Authored by Mom

Here's what's REAL:

my love for my husband, amazing as he is

my love for my children, as adorable and bright and brilliant as they are

my gratitude list - full of what I am truly thankful for

the so yummy cookies that my wonderful husband made for me (o.k. they were for all of us, but I'm claiming them as mine) and are sitting on the kitchen counter

my not-so-warm-when-I-get-in-it bed tonight

my very encouraging friends

my amazing, gracious and loving GOD who loves me so well

I am struggling with what's REAL these days. Not that I don't know... but that I think because of some certain circumstances, I've gotten away from it. What's real for me. I want to get back to it. My REAL.

I need to slow down, become intentional, enjoy the here and now, the time that this is IT for me and for my family. Because what's real is that I now have 2 children in double digits, I have no babies, we've gone through a life changing time in the last couple of months with our family and I want to LIVE. REAL.

I'm linking up today with Gypsy Mama.

03/24/12 12:49 AM


Hey friend,

Thinking of you and praying that you are finding joy and peace as you walk in the path God has for you! Wish I could give you a hug and yes, I would love to have you over for dinner!!!


Hugs to you!


02/04/12 02:04 AM

Susan Wachtel

Cling to that which is real and see God's blessings in the everyday life. Hope that you break through struggle real soon.

02/04/12 12:47 AM


Great post!!!! Your REAL life seems pretty awesome! Can't wait to read more updates!!

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