11/07/11 10:03 PM

Halloween 2011 - Game Night Edition

Authored by Mom

We had a super fun Halloween this year. It was probably one of my favorites, as far as costumes go. We've made our costumes several years and some years we chose to purchase them. It's a pain in the rear and to tell the truth, I don't have time to mess with making costumes, but I always have such neat memories the years we take the effort to make them.

This year the kids helped quite a bit. Zoe loves sewing and crafting and Abby is close on her heels. The girls were so eager to make their costumes. I think they turned out so neat! (and we got lots of nice comments and compliments in our neighborhood while we were walking around)

Max was a Chess game and actually sewed his cape himself.

Zoe was a Twister game and she put hers together all by herself.

Abby was our dice. (of course she made hers... she wouldn't have done it any other way)

And our cute Samalicious was the snacks for game night, a bag of M&Ms.

I think they look like a fun bunch.

We actually had so much candy that the handle on Zoe's bucket broke. And our pocket book will be broke when we pay for all those cavities. Thank you to our friendly neighbors for all the sugar!

this actually takes up about 3/4 of our dining room table...

I don't know how you do it at your house but in ours, we just pour it down their throats.... If they're not going to eat it fast enough, we'll help 'em along!

And sometimes there comes a price for eating that certain piece of candy. The sour candy shots.... extreme warheads edition....

Popping it in... first taste...

Ohhhh its bad....

Realllly bad.....

And the much needed drink. Can you believe he's willingly eaten those again?

11/10/11 05:42 PM


I love these!! So glad to see the pics!

11/08/11 07:31 PM

Grandma M

I love the pictures. They are SO-O-O good. The costumes are wonderful!

Thanks for sharing.

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