07/30/11 12:08 AM

Weekend Randomness, Edition 4

Authored by Mom

Just another edition of weekend randomness, Rachel style....

1- I hate being unproductive and lazy and lose money.... sorry honey. Will you forgive me?

2- My house is a mess and needs some major help. I'm hoping that that help comes in the form of my mother-in-law. She'll keep the kiddos entertained while I do some much needed decluttering. She's an angel. And she's here now.

3- I just learned the difference between a nerd and a geek this week. My geek guy gave me the low down. I'm so glad I married a geek. The perks are really over the top.

4- I just found the yumminess of mongolian stir fry/barbeque on a recent family vacation and now I'm craving it all the time. My waistline is rolling it's eyes at me.

5- Because of #4, I'm very excited to find out that a HuHot is opening here in Tulsa next week. Very excited.

6- Excited to start my little girl on some more sewing projects.

7- Excited to keep knitting with my other little girl.

8- Wondering when I can get to Hobby Lobby to get some frames to hang the kids birthday pictures.

9- Found Kelli Crowe's blog again and am loving reading her regular diary entries. Which has me thinking...

10- I'm tired, so tired.

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