06/14/11 03:07 PM

Fun with Food

Authored by Mom

I am really bad at blogging, mainly because I'm trying to be really good at living life.

Today the kids had some fun with their food at lunch. I can't resist letting them play with it. Especially when it comes to using food for math.

Max was organizing his chocolate chips and we did some fast division with it.

Zoe just played around....

making a cute winking guy with green eyebrows.

Abby had to get in on the fun...

with teeth in the soup.

And our Sam-a-lious ate his so fast he didn't even have time to even conceive of making a funny face with his. He had his eyes on the chocolate from the moment I set it on the table.

But isn't he adorable... even with a gash on his nose!

So thankful for these kids today who make my life messy and fun and delicious.

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