04/17/11 08:36 PM

Weekend Randomness, Edition 3

Authored by Mom

A bit of randomness:

- I've gotten up earlier for 4 days in a row and it felt good

- I've also exercised those 4 days and it was really good, not that I'm seeing any change as of yet, but I am noticing a tiny change in the way I feel

- I have been staying at home more and really loving how it feels to be at home, enjoying all the pleasures of home.

Love this picture of my twinkies! Who knew when they were tiny 6 lb bundles of sweetness that they would turn into what they are today. It's all a mystery and it's all goodness.

- On Saturday we got so much done. I love the feeling when I'm hitting my pillow knowing it's been a day well-lived.

- Who knew an area rug would bring such joy to children sharing a room? I loved their excitement when we unfurled the softy goodness. I thought I had lost the deal at Aldi weeks ago when Grandma was here visiting. I was out shopping this week with the kiddos and noticed the lone rug in the clearance. It works perfectly, great color for us, and very soft. God loves to give gifts I know.

- Rearranging furniture in the home isn't always as easy as it seems, at least for people like me. I know it'll be great once we're finished, it's the in-between stage that can be hard. I'm grateful for a super husband.

- I will never tire of watching my kids read. My smile stretches a bit every time i see them curled up with a book.

Max is seen like this more often than not. He is loving the Percy Jackson series. He just finished up reading it for the second time.

- I'm daily amazed at my wonderful, awesome husband. He is really so perfect for me and I feel blessed every day. He matches perfectly to my puzzle piece, which is full of bumps and curves, and I love how he just sidles up to mine. God really does love to give gifts.

Playing no touch backs tag with the kids. Keeping away from Zoe.

I'm pretty sure he was trying to get her here.

Yeah and she must have been trying to get him here.

And I'm excited for this week, to see what wonderful blessings He's got coming my way.

04/26/11 09:01 PM

Grandma McL

It's so good to see the pics and read what is happening there. Helps me feel in touch.

04/18/11 09:54 AM


How did I get in so many pictures? Mom is much easier on the eyes.

04/18/11 09:40 AM


I am impressed with Mark's mad jump-roping skillz! haha Love the posts and the pictures! Have a great week! : )

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