02/13/11 11:05 AM

Weekend Randomness

Authored by Mom

Just a bit of weekend randomness:

- I love reading. Why don't I do it more often?

- losing 10 lbs feels great

- I just discovered hulu.com and I'm very excited

- I've been reading this book and it's amazing, a book I can't put down

- We have been doing a lot of art lately here. I love doing art with my kids.

- We had a family art time today and it was the best.

- My husband makes me laugh and I can't stop staring at him.

- I think I'm going to miss the snow. I think I've gotten used to it. Now it's melting.

- reading through The Bible in 90 days is really, really hard. And I'm behind, really behind.

- snow days are really messy and there is a lot of laundry.

- I can't stop from opening 100s of tabs in my internet browser and keeping them all open forever.

- unfortunately my dh has informed me that keeping 100s of tabs open slows down my internet (and makes for a frustrated husband). A slow internet makes me a mad woman.

- if I could make a frivolous purchase right now, I'd buy a back scratcher. But it doesn't seem very frivolous right now.

- I am really nervous and worried about my dog. He's old and has another aural hematoma and most likely surgery. And he's a considerate amount of pain. I don't know what I'll do when he's gone.

- I'm so excited to get started with my Project Life album.

- I've decided I'm going to blog 3 times a week, or at least that sounds good.

It's messy, I tell ya.

Here's my baby. This is with a normal ear.. now his face is almost distorted a bit because of the aural hematoma. And he's in quite a lot of pain. I'm so sad for him.

I'm gonna miss this someday, bright colored snow suits, hand holding and smiles. I love him.

I'm gonna miss this someday too, carrying the littlest, holding onto Daddy, trudging through the snow.

They worked for maybe 4 hours on this really great snow fort. All of them pitching in, with shovels, hands, and their legs carrying the precious white stuff to create a fun memory and a super fun place to play. Talk about a super cool Dad!

The day after our snow fort, they all whipped out this snowman... thinking of a name and all agreeing is next to impossible. He was enormously huge. The kids ran immediately to go get all of his trimmings. Just part of him is still hanging in there now.

Max had the idea to hook one of our jump ropes onto a bilibo toy and use it as a "sled". Not optional: going up the slide on the makeshift sled. Optional: staying on the sled up the slide.

03/12/11 06:00 PM

Mom and Grandma

I love the pictures! Wonderful!

02/15/11 07:35 PM


Oh that snowman picture is SO CUTE!! You should frame it. Use it on a card...SOMETHING! ha!! :) Looks like you all had great fun in the snow...and got LOTS more than we did!!

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