01/22/11 10:25 PM

115 is...

Authored by Mom

Ah, so, the Bible in 90 days? Can I say this is hard, hard, HaRd, HARD! Hard to do with 4 little ones around(one who attempts to tear down the house almost daily) and home educate and love on my husband and nurture myself. (Stop. Did I just say "nurture myself?" I'm not sure what I'm talking about or who I'm kidding.)

One hundred fifteen chapters. 115... that's how many chapters I was behind when I counted today. If I recall correctly I was behind NINE days worth of reading. In my defense I did checkmark off 3 days today but that would still put me at (only) 6 days behind. Woo Hoo! I've made progress, clearly.

This isn't easy but I didn't do it because I knew it would be easy. I'm not giving up (yet).

Before my husband told me to, I decided to write that I was behind. I am not perfect... there is so much hiding behind so much, all of us women look at each other thinking the other is perfect but we're all so similar.

I'm looking forward to finishing Joshua tomorrow... and hopefully marking off a couple more days.

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