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Living Lovely with Family - Daily Edition

Authored by Mom

Heidi over at Mt. Hope Chronicles is beginning a new weekly carnival.

This weeks topic is sharing something we do daily in our home to connect with our family. Ah, gee. . . I'll just take it straight from her mouth.

In Heidi's own words:

1. What is something you do (or plan to do) daily (or several times each week) to connect with your family, either with individual family members or your family as a unit? Do you have any memories of daily family rituals from your childhood? (Photos, list...)

Here are some of the things that happen in our home - or we try to make happen...

~ One thing I do with our children daily is read to them at lunch. This was not my own splendid idea. I have to credit a friend of mine that also homeschools and that I met online. This has worked in her own family very well and I decided to implement it.

This is the time for our chapter book readings. It started out with me reading The Usborne Book of Farmyard Tales. Some days I would read one story, some days three. They loved those. Then we moved onto chapter books.

My kiddos miss our daily lunchtime reading if it doesn't happen. They have requested several books more than once. We have even branched into reading at breakfast and at snacktime... sometimes.

Our current read aloud

The world is ahead of us and all I can do is bury my head in a book.

~ Another thing that is very special are Daddy's nighttime stories, being told right before bed, in their room, lights off preferably. He started this when the twins were maybe 3 years old. Max and Zoe are characters in a wonderful story that has evolved into this amazing, magical thing. They take adventures to places they never could in the real life. Abby wasn't even cognizant of the story-telling when it all began. Now she has her own character as well in the stories. If only he had written it all down…

~ During the days, my children cook with me often. It's so much fun for me to have little hands in the kitchen, making biscuits, helping with cutting the foods, baking sugar cookies. I enjoy watching them get excited, seeing the final result and knowing that it was their hands that prepared what we are putting in our mouths.

03/14/09 01:48 PM


Write it down?

"War and Peace" times 10.

I love you more than you'll ever know.

03/13/09 09:26 AM

Sarah at SmallWorldatHome.blogspot.com

I'm going to have to check out Hugo Cabret; I've been seeing it in so many places lately! I LOVE that your husband has a magical story world going on with them. They will treasure that all their lives!

03/13/09 12:59 AM

Heidi @ Mt Hope

What a fun way to enjoy lunch together! My boys would love that! How are you enjoying The Invention of Hugo Cabret? It is on my list of books to read to the boys. I think it is *incredible* that your husband has created a story just for your kids. Do you know that is how Watership Down (one of my favorite books) began? The Dad finally wrote the story after his kids begged him to! Oh, I bet you wish you had his stories recorded somehow. Even so, what a treasure for your kids!! Thank you so much for participating!

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