01/08/09 12:00 AM

Christmas Letter 2008

Authored by Dad

Christmas is a busy time of year. Out of respect for all of you, friends and family, I have sent this letter out after Christmas Day. Now some of you may believe I have simply become lazy and not finished it quickly enough. Well there is perhaps a grain of truth in that, but please allow yourselves to believe that the apparent lateness is in fact a measure of the respect I maintain for how many things fill your lives around the holidays. I am sure you will see the truth.

If you remember my previous letter (which I'm sure you all have nestled securely in your fire proof vault), my youngest son Sam was born in 2007. This year however proved to be his year, a year when he went from raising his head from the floor to climbing the swing set in the backyard. Quite a bit of progress if you consider the heights involved. Do to his remarkable upward mobility, his mother and I have had a terrible time keeping his little hands out of trouble. Luckily for him, his cute grin and mischievous eyes keep him from the worst of our anger.

Zoe has also had a banner year, she convinced her Dad to teach her how to ride her bike, and in no time at all she was zooming up and down the sidewalk without the burdensome training wheels. In her academic pursuits she learned to read while continuing to draw and write. She is much faster at it since she no longer has to ask Mom or Dad how to spell the words.

Max also learned to ride his bike this year. After watching his sister do it, he was able to pick up on it very quickly. I guess it is not impossible to balance on two wheels after all. The big event in Max's life however was the loss of two of his teeth. Academically Max is doing very well, the only issue is that he can read anything but many things he is just not ready to understand. Early in the year he was reading the Bible and asking some rather adult questions about the content. Rachel and I still have not decided whether we should limit his exposure to that book.

Abby has also had an interesting year. She has decided that her only hope for success in this family is to do absolutely everything her older brother and sister have been doing. So when Max and Zoe started to ride down the block on their bicycles, Abby follows on her tricycle with her little feet doing about 10 revolutions for every one of her brother's and sister's. It's actually quite amazing. She also has been begging for a big kid's bike which she expects for her fifth birthday, hence she asks us daily if her birthday is here yet.

Mom is busy. That pretty much sums up her year. Somewhere between home schooling and keeping Sam relatively safe, she has managed to keep her husband in a constant state of contentment. And truth be told, I'm not a simple man. It takes more than just a full belly and a warm bed to keep me content, so the Pope has already given me assurance of her sainthood.

I on the other hand have several projects going. The primary one being our family website, it was supposed to be done by now but I'm lazy and I would rather read books and play around on the computer than finish the things I've started. See what I mean about my wife being a saint. Oh well, though it's not finished, the web address is www.themushroomgrove.com if you want to look at the incomplete state of it. Perhaps the completion of this letter will give me the motivation I need to get something out there. Anyway check back from time to time if you would like.

We have had a blessed year, and are looking forward to 2009.

01/29/09 08:43 AM

Tami in FL

I love the site but wouldn't this section be Christmas 2008? You are doing a great job! I wish I had the ability to put something like this together. One day.

01/20/09 10:13 AM

the Mama

It's about time! *wink*

Really, look at that man, loving on his son.

Isn't he the most wonderful one you've ever seen?

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